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In her first Easter message as PM, she said "opportunities" would arise from Brexit and emphasised the UK's "shared ambitions and above all shared values". She said people should feel "confident" about Christianity's role in society and free to speak about their faith. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Easter message of peace "could not have more urgency throughout the world". Christian values Mrs May, who is a vicar's daughter, said that shared values "can and must bring us together" following the UK's vote to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in June 2016. "This year, after a period of intense debate over the right future for our country, there is a sense that people are coming together and uniting behind the opportunities that lie ahead," she said. Mrs May, who recently criticised a decision to drop the word Easter from the name of an annual egg hunt, also spoke of her Christian upbringing in a village vicarage. She said she learned "compassion, community and citizenship" but that they are values we "all hold in common". "These are values that are visibly lived out every day by Christians as well as by people of other faiths or none," she said. Her comments echo those of predecessor David Cameron, who used last year's Easter message to say the country must "stand together" and defend Christian ข่าวด่วน มติชน values. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionCorbyn: It would be easy to retreat into our private lives Mrs May also used her message to highlight believers in other countries who "practise their religion in secret and often in fear". She said the UK has a "strong tradition" of religious tolerance and freedom of speech.

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